Corporate Kitchen Staffing 

Corporate Kitchen Staffing  for the San Francisco Bay Area

We specialize in offering VIP service. 
At Bay Area Event Pros we ensure our entire staff undergoes a thorough background check and is cleared for high-level corporate events to maintain confidentiality and professionalism. As the only staffing agency in the Bay Area with a training center, we ensure our staff is not only educated in high end serving techniques, but also certified for food handling. All of our drivers, servers and staff are licensed and insured, creating the least amount of liability for your organization. Ask about our corporate kitchen staffing service if you'd like to hire professionals for your next event!

We also pride ourselves in having one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry. We own our own vehicles and insist on our staff carpooling to events in order to reduce both environmental impact and parking clutter at events. This also ensures that our staff always shows up to your event. We pride ourselves of being dependable and reliable for over 20 years.

High class hospitality industry staffing for the San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley.

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